Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?
Here are the answers you've been looking for about Happÿdonia


Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?
Here are the answers you've been looking for about Happÿdonia


We’re sure you still have some doubts about Happÿdonia.

In our frequently asked questions we answer all of them, so that you have all the information you need before taking the step to join the ecosystem of happy companies.

Before hiring us

What advantages does Happÿdonia offer over other apps?

Happÿdonia has a greater number of features than the competition .

These functionalities have been developed to improve the internal communication of companies .

  • Motivating phrases or reminders of significant days .
  • Dynamics of messaging groups : Instant messaging (chat).
  • Management of user publications.
  • Communications structured in channels .
  • Exhibition and management of participation in events .
  • Encouragement of participation of intracompany social groups .
  • Document sharing .
  • Control and monitoring of the RGPD .
  • Secure management of personal document folder (payroll, certificates, etc…)
  • Centralized management of applications .
  • Opinion and participation surveys (nominal or anonymous) .

What can this application offer to improve my company?

Happÿdonia has been created to improve internal communication in companies and within that scope can offer you a wide range of functionalities created specifically for this purpose.

  • You will have in one tool, an instrument so that your internal communication reaches its destination in an efficient way .
  • Facilitate the interaction and participation of users .
  • You will obtain in a simple way the necessary feedback at every moment.
  • You can communicate in a structured way by (departments, groups or individually).
  • You will be able to measure the work climate through our Happÿdometro .

Can I centralize all the information of my company?

Yes, thanks to the features offered by Happÿdonia , you can communicate easily and effectively.

You decide the communication channels , groups of users or departments, type of communication …

With this tool can I increase the productivity of my team?

Yes, through user feedback , direct messages, ideas and suggestionssegmentations by groups and new functionalities such as personal folders in which the HR department can include all important documents for employees (payroll, contracts, training, Titles…)

Can you help to unite my team?

Yes, Happÿdonia facilitates Team work and this is the key to gain in productivity .

positive and participatory approach in the performance of tasks, is the ideal fuel to improve productivity .

With this app can I increase the feedback of my employees?

Yes, through our system of surveys, events and publications .

Your employees will feel heard , you will receive answers to the surveys in a nominal or anonymous way, group chats, comments and reactions to publications, sending ideas and suggestions.

Can the payroll and personal documents of the employee be loaded?

Yes, Happÿdonia includes an extra mode functionality called personal folder to which you can add all kinds of personal documentation related to the company.

Can you login from Office365 or Google OAuth?

Yes, you can do an integration with any of these two platforms to extract the login from your database.

Is it necessary that all the functionalities are active to start?

No, the application is fully editable, all the features can be activated and deactivated at any time you want to adapt it to the needs of the company at that moment.

Pricing plans and modalities

Is there a fixed price per month or is it paid per user?

Yes, Happÿdonia is paid by number of users, depending on the selected plan and can be adjusted when the number of users is high.

What is the minimum rate to hire Happÿdonia?

The minimum pricing of Happÿdonia is  100 € / month (100 minimum users) contracting the Standard Plan .

What plan should I choose to activate the web app?

The web version of Happÿdonia would be active in Premium and Elite plans .

How long can i try the demo version of Happÿdonia?

Demo: Duration of 15 days from its activation.

What plan does the Standard Demo include?

The Standard Demo offer includes the same functionalities as a Standard Plan.

Is there a minimum of users?

Yes, the minimum number of users in any of our plans is 100 users.

What are the differences between the Premium and Elite plan?

The difference between Premium and Elite plans is that the Élite plan allows you to customize the name and external image of the APP and activate possible integrations with other platforms.

Is there some type of accompaniment & support service?

Yes, you can request more information about the accompaniment & support service through our contact form .

With a large number of users is the price reduced?

Yes, with a higher number of users the fee per user can be reduced.

For more personalized information contact us through our contact form .

Can specific utilities be developed for our company?

Yes, it is possible but to develop specific utilities and more personalized attention you should contact info@happydonia.com informing about what your requests would be for the technical team to assess if their development is possible.

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